Manufactured Logs

Are Pine Mountain Firelogs safe for my chimney?

Yes. All our firelogs are chimney friendly, burn cleaner and result in less creosote buildup than real wood. Our Pine Mountain Classic Firelogs result in up to 66% less creosote buildup versus hardwood fires, while our Java-Log Firelogs perform even better. Java-Log Firelogs are also endorsed by the Chimney Safety Institute of America as a preferred and recommended safe-burning alternative to hardwood. Overall, Java-Log Firelogs burn up to 8 times cleaner than hardwood fires.


Why do some manufactured fireplaces say it is not safe to burn manufactured firelogs?

When manufactured fireplaces were first introduced, their UL-Certification Tests did not address the use of firelogs, instead recommending the use of firewood. With the advent of manufactured firelogs and the environmental movement to save trees, most fireplace manufacturers changed their product labels and warranty information, approving the use of UL-Classified solid fuels, including Pine Mountain® Firelogs and Java-Log® Firelogs.

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