Using Firelogs Outdoors

Can I burn Pine Mountain Firelogs in my outdoor backyard fire pit or chiminea?

Yes, all Pine Mountain Firelogs are appropriate for outdoor use, including fire pits, camping, and chimineas as long as they are not burning in an airtight container. For chimineas, we recommend using our 2 Hour Pine Mountain Firelog since the BTU content of a 3 Hour or 4 Hour log may be too extreme for the enclosed area. We also recommend contacting your local authorities to learn about outdoor burning regulations in your area.


How do I light Pine Mountain Firelogs?

  1. Loosen the wrapper around the firelog without tearing the paper. 
  2. Simply place the firelog on the fireplace grate with the logo facing forward
  3. Light the arrows marked on the wrapper. 


Then, sit back and enjoy a beautiful fire!


Should I use Pine Mountain Firelogs as firestarters?

No, our line of StarterLogg® firestarters are specifically designed to make it quick and easy for you to ignite a firewood fire—even if the wood is damp. Click here to view our all of our Pine Mountain firestarters.

Can I add wood to Pine Mountain Firelogs?

We don’t recommend it. They burn with such brilliance on their own.

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