Appliance Maintenance

Flue (Chimney)

Regularly scheduled cleaning of the flue (chimney) at the start of each burning season improves the performance of Pine Mountain/Java-Log firelogs as well as natural wood logs. Maintenance removes debris, nests, and dead animals that block airflow causing particulates, smoke, and odor to back up into the living space (room). Cleaning also reduces the potential for a fire in the flue (chimney).

NOTE: ACreosote Buster Log can be used to clean the flue (chimney) of creosote but does not remove the blockage from foreign debris.



Engage the damper to ensure it opens and closes freely and is free of any residue or debris that can hamper the safe burn of a manufactured firelog. With the damper in the open position test for an updraft before lighting a Pine Mountain firelog. Visit or for additional information.



Check fireplace grate to ensure all bars and legs are secure. If the grate has an ember-bed (metal screen), check the screen to ensure it's securely and completely attached to the crossbars. Replace grate if it's in disrepair.



Whether the metal mesh screen is free-standing or an attached curtain, ensure there are no holes in the mesh screen and that hinges and/or pull chains function correctly. Replace the screen if it's in disrepair.

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