Fire Control Safety

Emergency Conditions

Under proper use and favorable weather conditions, there shouldn't be a need to request emergency assistance when burning a manufactured firelog. However, if the burning fire grows out of control or smoke is not venting up and out of the flue (chimney) correctly, call 911 for local fire emergency assistance. Help all persons and animals evacuate the facility without endangering yourself. Wait for emergency responders to arrive. 

Removing a Burning Firelog

WARNING: Removing a burning, glowing or smoldering firelog from the fire burning appliance should only be considered as the last option available to protect the safety of self and others. If emergency assistance is not closely, use sand or a dry chemical fire extinguisher to douse the firelog while it's in the appliance. Should severe conditions persist, carefully lift the engaged firelog out of the appliance using a broad blade shovel and giving special care that the firelog doesn't break apart, crumble or cause flare-ups. Flare-ups can cause flames to increase in height and embers to eject from the appliance/shovel as well as increase the heat to a temperature exceeding safety standards. Carefully put the firelog in a metal container and close the lid. Set the container outdoors to cool.               

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