Firelog Usage and Size


Pine Mountain traditional and specialty firelogs are intended for indoor use in traditional masonry fireplaces having a brick or heavy gauge metal liner. They are also suitable to burn outside in masonry fireplaces, fire pits, or campfire rings.

NOTE: Only the Pine Mountain 2-hour firelog can be safely burned in a Chimenea.


Burn Times

Pine Mountain firelogs are available in the following sizes:

  • Traditional 2-hour, 3-hour, and 4-hour burn
  • Ultraflame 3-hour burn
  • PM Crackle 3-hour burn
  • PM ColorCrackle 3-hour burn
  • PM Java-Log 4-hour burn
  • American Home by Yankee Candle Balsam Fir Firelogs 3-hour burn

Size and Shape

The physical length and weight of the firelog is secondary to the configuration and formulation of the firelog in signifying burn time. Exposed surface area, grove depth, log shape, and formulation determine actual burn time as tested in a controlled environment against set manufacturing specifications.

NOTE: The condition, type, and size of the fire burning appliance as well as environmental factors can positively or negatively affect the actual burn time.


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